As your lawyer I’ll be at your side from the beginning, providing extrajudicial consultation dedicated to avoiding and solving legal problems. Especially in family law cases this requires both expertise with the legal tools of the trade and empathy.

My primary aim is to enforce your rights and interests with as little ‘broken porcelain’ as possible.

However, should legal action be unavoidable, I’ll advocate your case with total commitment.

„It doesn’t help to be in the right. One must also with justice reckon.

(Dieter Hildebrandt)

Key fields of law

Family law and divorce law

Conflict of laws and international private law

Law of succession and inheritance law

Guardianship law

Traffic law


Australian law

Labour and employment law

Additional activities

Lectorate legal texts English and German

Courses in professional and legal English


Deutscher Anwaltverein DAV

DAV Ortsverband Garmisch-Patrenkirchen

Verein zur Wirtschaftsförderung in Murnau und Umgebung e.V.

DeAN Deutsch-Australisches Netzwerk e.V..



since 03.2008 Self-employed lawyer in Murnau

09.06 – 10.07 Lawyer, employed, Kanzlei Otto & Kollegen, Murnau

10.03 – 08.06 Lawyer, employed, Kanzlei Tautorus, Tenhaven und Partner, Murnau



10.04.03 LLB, Deakin University, Bachelor of Laws

16.05.94 2. Juristisches Staatsexamen, 1. Law Degree

22.07.91 1. Juristisches Staatsexamen, 2. Law Degree, Admission to the Bar



02.99 – 12.02 Law School, Deakin University, Victoria, Australia

02.95 – 05.98 Law School, Monash University, Victoria, Australia

10.91 – 05.94 Rechtsreferendariat Munich, compulsory pre-bar admission internship

11.86 – 03.91 Law School, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich

05.86 Abitur Staffelseegymnasium Murnau



09.15 – 11.15 Lectorate and Product Management Dr. Arthur L. Sellier,

selp, European law publishing

10.91 – 04.92 Kanzlei Federau, Munich, law

07.91 – 09.91 Office Manager Facilities, Ziff Davis, Munich

01.89 – 12.90 Telephone marketing, Data Management und Distribution (BMW),


08.88 – 10.88 Kanzlei Franke, Haenicke und Monnin, Berlin, law

10.87 – 03.89 Schumann’s Bar, Munich, Service



German - Mother Tongue, vocational

English - Fluent, vocational

French - Functional


International Experience

01.95 – 07.98 Melbourne, Australien

Tatjana Vane

Ettaler-Mandl-Weg 19

82418 Murnau

Tel: 08841 4874179

Fax:08841 496414


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